Death & Dying

Honest Endings: A Social Worker's Life in the World of Hospice

Katherine Cullen M. S. W.


Death and the Idea of Mexico

Claudio Lomnitz


The Archaeology of Death and Burial

Mike Parker Pearson


Good Grief: Healing Through the Shadow of Loss [With CD]

Deborah Morris Coryell


Death and Dying

Piemonte Nicole and Shawn Abreu


Sobre El Duelo / About Mourning

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie



Shelly Kagan


The Archaeology of American Cemeteries and Gravemarkers

Sherene Baugher and Richard Veit


Memento Mori: The Dead Among Us

Paul Koudounaris


On Suicide

Emile Durkheim


Hail and Farewell: Cremation Ceremonies, Templates and Tips

Fraser Susan and Gail Rubin


Over Our Dead Bodies:: Undertakers Lift the Lid

Kenneth McKenzie and Todd Harra